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Power BI Starters - Kickstart Your Data Analytics Journey




1 Day

About the Course


Welcome to the world of Power BI, where data transforms into insightful visual stories. This course is specifically designed for beginners aiming to learn how to analyze data using Microsoft's Power BI.

Online - New Time is TBD

Who Should Do This Course?

Whether you're an Excel user eager to dive deeper into dynamic data visualization, an engineer with SQL background seeking fresh ways to present data, a researcher keen to simplify complex datasets through clear visuals, or someone considering a career pivot into data analytics, this course offers a comprehensive introduction to the transformative world of Power BI. Embrace the power of data, irrespective of your background, and steer your career or business to new heights.

Why Choose This Course:

Unlock the art of data storytelling with real-world examples, guided by a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Stay updated with the latest techniques and methodologies. And the journey doesn't end post-course; enjoy dedicated support for six months, ensuring your continuous growth in the dynamic world of Power BI.

About the Instructor:

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer and MVP, Vahid has over 14 years of experience in the fields of data analysis, business intelligence, and Microsoft technologies. As an experienced Blogger, Trainer, Speaker, and Consultant, his insights can be explored further through his articles at Vahid's Blog and tutorials on YouTube. Additionally, as a recognized voice in the industry, Vahid actively contributes to international events - his page on Sessionize.


  1. Get started with Power BI

    • Definition and Overview of Power BI

    • Comparison of Platforms (Desktop vs Service vs Report Server)

    • Key Power BI Elements: Capacities, Workspaces, Dataset, Shared Dataset, Reports, and Dashboard

    • Resources & Monthly Updates

  2. Setting up the Environment

    • Setting up a Sandbox with Office 365's free license

    • Installing Power BI Desktop

    • Power BI License: Differences & What to choose?

    • Power BI Service: Sign Up and Exploration

  3. Clean, transform, and load data in Power BI

    • Get data in Power BI (Excel, SQL, Azure SQL, Applications, Online Services)

    • Shaping Initial Data with Power Query

    • Data Cleaning and transformation using Power Query (M Language)

    • Manage Applied Steps

    • Modifying M Code via Advanced Editor

    • Load data in Power BI

  4. Basic Data Modeling

    • Type of connection (Import, Live connection, or Direct Query)

    • Normalized and Denormalized Data

    • Create, Delete, Update and manage Relationships

    • Cardinality & Cross Filter Direction

    • Understanding Data Types and Categories

    • Basic Hierarchies

  5. Building Your First Report

    • Introduction to the Power BI Canvas

    • Report main setup options

    • Adding and Formatting Visualizations (e.g., bar charts, line graphs)

    • How to use the visual options (focus mode, sorting, spotlight, and export)

    • Arranging and Designing Report Layouts (Phone and Web Layout)

    • Add image, shape, and text box

    • Managing Visual Interaction

    • Print and Save reports

  6. Data Visualization Best Practices

    • Choosing the Right Visuals

    • Importance of Color and Design

    • Effective Storytelling with Data

  7. Filters and Slicers

    • Add filter to a report

    • Format Filter in reports

    • Visual, Page, and report filter levels

    • Top N and advanced filtering

    • Drill Through

    • Create a slicer

    • Control and Sync slicers

    • Filtering and formatting slicers

  8. Introduction: Use natural language in Power BI

    • How to use NLQ (Q&A)

    • Use Q&A for dashboards

    • Use Power BI Q&A to explore your data

    • Best practices to optimize Q&A in Power BI

  9. Custom Visuals in Power BI

    • Get custom visuals from the store

    • Using Text Filter

    • Using Time Slicer

    • Using Radar Chart

    • Using Sankey Chart

    • Using Tornado Chart

    • Using Infographic Designer

    • Difference between certified and not certified visuals

  10. Introduction to DAX

    • What is DAX?

    • Commonly Used DAX Functions: SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE, CALCULATE,…

    • What is the difference between Calculated Columns and Measures

    • Add calculated columns and measures using DAX

    • How to create a table using DAX

  11. Get started with the Power BI service

    • Navigation in Power BI Service

    • Create and set up a Workspace

    • How to load data to Power BI Service

    • Give users access to workspaces

    • Roles in workspaces in Power BI

  12. Create Dashboard

    • Difference between Dashboard and Report

    • Create Dashboard

    • Pin visuals from reports to dashboards

    • Create video and image tiles

    • Applying alert

  13. Publishing and Sharing Your Report

    • Publishing Reports to Power BI Service

    • Sharing Reports with Colleagues

    • Covert a report to PowerPoint

    • Print and export reports

    • Monitor report usage metrics

    • Create and publish your app

    • How to create Apps and Add content to Apps

  14. Keeping Your Data Updated

    • Scheduling Data Refreshes

    • Introduction to Gateways

  15. Sample Reports and Data Sources

    • Download and Review sample reports

    • Free Sample Data Sources to Learn and Practice Power BI

  16. Analyze in Excel for Power BI Desktop

    • Download and install Analyze in Excel for Power BI

    • How to use Analyze in Excel for Power BI

    • Navigate the Power BI model using an Excel PivotTable

  17. Power BI Mobile

    • Installing the Power BI App on your Phone

    • Access to reports, dashboards, and apps

    • Explore dashboards and reports in the Power BI mobile apps

    • QR code scanning

    • Refresh Dataset using Mobile App

  18. Resources and Next Steps

    • Official Documentation and Communities

    • Blogs and Websites for Continuous Learning

    • Pathway to Advanced Courses (A sneak peek into "Mastering Power BI")

Your Instructor

Vahid Doustimajd

Vahid Doustimajd

Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Data Platform MVP

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