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Mastering Power BI - Advance Analytics & Data Modelling for Professionals




2 Days

About the Course


Explore Power BI in depth with this expertly designed course focusing on advanced analytics and complex data modelling. It is suitable for professionals who wish to gain a deeper understanding of Power BI's capabilities.


Who Should Do This Course?

Designed for Power BI enthusiasts who are already familiar with the basics and are looking for a deeper understanding. Whether you're an experienced data expert, an aspiring data strategist, or a seasoned business analyst and want to enhance your skills, this advanced curriculum delivers transformative results.

Why Choose This Course:

Dive deep into Power BI with guidance from a Microsoft Certified Trainer. Enhance your understanding, master sophisticated data techniques, and ensure you're getting industry-standard knowledge and insights. Stay ahead with comprehensive training and continuous post-course support.

About the Instructor:

As a Microsoft Certified Trainer and MVP, Vahid has over 14 years of experience in the fields of data analysis, business intelligence, and Microsoft technologies. As an experienced Blogger, Trainer, Speaker, and Consultant, his insights can be explored further through his articles at Vahid's Blog and tutorials on YouTube. Additionally, as a recognized voice in the industry, Vahid actively contributes to international events - his page on Sessionize.



  1. Beginning the Advanced Journey

    • Overview of Power BI

    • Unveiling the Latest Power BI Features

  2. Complex Data Modeling:

    • How does a star schema and snowflake work

    • Implementing role-playing dimensions effectively

    • Techniques for leveraging aggregations in large datasets

    • Managing bidirectional relationships

    • Options to model many to many relationships

    • What is ambiguity and how can it be managed?

    • Best practices for model sizing and optimization

  3. Advanced Power Query Techniques:

    • Advanced data shaping and transformations

    • Pivot and Unpivot

    • Merging Queries

    • Establishing parameters and integrating them across multiple queries

    • Developing custom functions and advanced error handling

    • Dynamic source referencing and query folding

  4. Advanced Visualizations:

    • Utilizing the power of dynamic and conditional visuals

    • Drill through across report

    • Design KPI Score Card

    • Advanced charting techniques and storytelling

    • Geographic Data Visualizations

    • Visualization performance optimization

  5. AI Integration with Power BI:

    • Deep dive into AI-driven visuals, including Key influencers

    • Expanding horizons with Q&A and the AI visual

  6. Parameters in Power BI:

    • Introduction to Parameters: Why and When to Use Them

    • Creating and Managing Numeric Parameters

    • Implementing Field Parameters for Dynamic Data Input

  7. Deep Dive into DAX:

    • Advanced DAX formulas and techniques

    • DAX evaluation context – Filter and Row context

    • Time intelligence functions and patterns

    • Create a Date Table

    • Introduce DAX Studio

    • Performance tuning and DAX best practices

    • Scenario-based DAX challenges and solutions

  8. Optimizing with Power BI's Performance Analyzer:

    • Introducing the Performance Analyzer: Purpose and Benefits

    • Analyzing and Interpreting the Performance Report

    • Identifying Bottlenecks and Optimization Opportunities

    • Improving Report Render Time and Query Performance

    • Best Practices for Regular Performance Checks and Enhancements

  9. Leveraging Analyze in Excel and Thin Reports:

    • Introducing "Analyze in Excel": Benefits and Use Cases

    • How to Connect Power BI Datasets with Excel

    • Exploring Thin Reports: Overview and Applications

    • Differences Between Regular and Thin Reports in Power BI

  10. Enterprise Level Reporting:

    • Strategies for managing datasets

    • Configuring and benefiting from incremental data refreshes

    • Premium and dedicated capacities: A detailed overview

    • Power BI dataflows

    • Datamart vs Dataflow vs Dataset

    • Power BI paginated reports

  11. Row Level Security (RLS) in Power BI:

    • Introduction to Row Level Security: Why and When to Use

    • Defining and Implementing RLS Rules

    • Testing and Validating RLS Configurations

    • Considerations for Dynamic Data Masking with RLS

  12. Security and Compliance:

    • Comprehensive guide to audit logs and usage analysis

    • Workspace level security configurations

    • Review Admin settings

    • Best practices for managing Power BI Service

  13. Mastering Deployment Pipelines:

    • Introduction to Deployment Pipelines in Power BI

    • Creating and Managing Deployment Workspaces

    • Transitioning Between Development, Test, and Production Stages

    • Automating Deployments and Utilizing Version Control

  14. Gateway Management and Utilization:

    • Understanding the Role of Power BI Gateway

    • Installation and Configuration of Personal and On-Premises Data Gateways

    • Securing and Troubleshooting Gateway Connections

    • Scheduling and Monitoring Gateway Data Refreshes

    • Best Practices for Optimal Gateway Performance

  15. Power BI API:

    • Power BI API: Usage, benefits, and considerations

    • How to call Power BI API using Power Automate

    • Call Power BI API using PowerShell

  16. Seamless Teams and Office Integration:

    • Integrating Power BI with Microsoft Teams: Sharing and Collaboration

    • Embedding Power BI Dashboards and Reports in Teams Channels

    • Integrating Power BI with PowerPoint

  17.  Integration with Azure and Other Microsoft Tools:

    • Advanced data actions with Microsoft Power Automate

    • Realtime streaming and dashboarding with Azure Stream Analytics

  18. Certification Preparation:

    • Guide to Power BI certifications (PL-300)

    • Exam tips and strategic approach

  19. Resources and Further Learning:

    • List of advanced Power BI literature

    • Participating in vibrant Power BI communities and forums

    • Upcoming conferences, webinars, and workshops

    • Power BI updates: Staying ahead of the curve

    • Mapping the future: Advanced analytics and beyond

  20. Introduction to external tools


Your Instructor

Vahid Doustimajd

Vahid Doustimajd

Microsoft Certified Trainer, Microsoft Data Platform MVP

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