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Automatically Refresh Power BI Visuals with new Browser Extension

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

In today's fast-paced digital age, having real-time data at your fingertips is essential for making informed decisions. However, manually refreshing Power BI visuals to ensure they display the most recent data can be tedious (We've all been there - constantly hitting the refresh button to update Power BI visuals). Use the Power BI Auto-Refresh (Web Browser) extension– a seamless tool designed to keep your Power BI visuals automatically updated, without any manual intervention. Download Links

If you have a report with Direct Query, Live Connection or even a report that is connected to a streaming dataset, then this tool will assist you in automatically refreshing the visuals of the published report with a configurable interval.

Key Featues of this extension:

  • Set Your Refresh Interval: Whether you want an update every 1 seconds or 10 minutes, you can easily set your preferred refresh interval.

  • Single Click Activation: With a straightforward user interface, simply click 'Start' to initiate auto-refresh and 'Stop' to end it.

  • No Manual Refresh Needed: Say goodbye to constantly hitting the web page refresh button. Let Power BI Visual Auto-Refresh do the only visuals refresh for you.

How to Use Power BI Visual Auto-Refresh:

  • Installation:

    • Navigate to your browser's extension store (It's available for Chrome, Edge, and Firefox)

    • Search for "Power BI Visuals Auto-Refresh" and click "Install", and you're all set to enjoy automated refreshing!

  • Setting Your Preferred Refresh Interval:

    • Click on the Power BI Visuals Auto-Refresh icon in your browser toolbar.

    • In the pop-up window, you'll see an input field labeled "Refresh Interval (seconds)". Enter your desired refresh interval here (It shows 5 seconds as default value)

    • Remember: The value is in seconds, so if you want to refresh every 10 minutes, enter 600 (since 10 minutes = 600 seconds).

  • Starting and Stopping Auto-Refresh:

    • Once you've set your desired interval, simply click the 'Start' button to begin the auto-refresh process.

    • To stop the auto-refresh, click the 'Stop' button.

Why Use Power BI Visuals Auto-Refresh?

  1. Time Efficiency: Eliminate the need for manual refreshes and focus on analyzing your data.

  2. Fast Refresh: Unlike a full page reload, this tool specifically updates only the visuals on the report, making the refresh process significantly quicker and more efficient.

  3. Stay Updated: Ensure that your Power BI visuals always showcase the latest data.

  4. User-friendly: With its intuitive design, even those new to browser extensions can use Power BI Auto-Refresh with ease.

Automatic visual refresh is useful for monitoring scenarios and exploring fast-changing data.

Performance Note:

To optimize performance, align your refresh interval with the rate of incoming data:

  • For data that updates every 10 minutes, avoid setting your refresh interval under 10 minutes.

  • If data updates every second, adjust the interval to one second but consider these aspects (For shorter intervals, less than a minute):

    • The type of the DirectQuery data source.

    • The load your queries impose on the source.

    • The distance of your report viewers from the capacity's datacenter.

Use Power BI's automatic page refresh or change detection if you have premium capacity with minimum refresh intervals that cover your request to benefit from the Power BI safegurds.

Some potential use cases for the Power BI Visual Auto-Refresh web browser extension:

  • Live Reports:

    • Scenario: A company has a report displayed on a big screen on their office that shows live key sales metrics. They want the visuals to reflect real-time data without manual intervention.

    • Benefit: With the auto-refresh extension, the report visuals update automatically, ensuring that the team is always looking at the most recent data.

  • Database Stress Testing:

    • Scenario: Before deploying a new Power BI report in a production environment, a database administrator wants to understand how the backend database will handle frequent queries, especially during peak times.

    • Benefit: By setting a short refresh interval, the auto-refresh extension can simulate a high load on the report. This helps the administrator identify potential bottlenecks, optimize query performance, and ensure that the database can handle the expected load.

Download Links:


Power BI Auto-Refresh streamlines your experience by automating the refresh process, ensuring that the most up-to-date data visuals are always at your fingertips. Not only does it save time by refreshing only the visuals instead of the entire webpage, but it also offers the flexibility to customize the refresh interval to suit your needs. However, it's essential to remember that each refresh initiates a new query to the datasource. With this tool, you can strike a balance between staying updated and efficient resource utilization. Give Power BI Auto-Refresh a try today and experience a smoother Power BI experience!



Dragon Star 445
Dragon Star 445
Dec 04, 2023

Hi Vahid Not sure if you still Working on this. I can only get the refresh to work under 30 seconds. This uses too much overhead for, a report that is only updated once every 10 minutes. 2 extra things. How hard would it be to add a full screen option and or an option to save the seconds? P.S Please help, your Extension is the Best I've found. and I can't trust the end users to refresh every 10 minutes

Dec 05, 2023
Replying to

Hey, thanks for the feedback. Not sure why you can't set the interval to 600 sec to update visuals every 10 minutes? I tested that and it worked! (Send me an email for more details to

Currently, I'm working on the tool for saving seconds and the names of reports, as well as the feature for running it on different web browser pages with different intervals (the updated version will add all these features). For full screen, I haven't found a good solution yet, but I will update the tool once I do.


Sep 27, 2023

Hi vahid Power BI Auto-Refresh does not work and give an error


Uncaught (in promise) Error: Cannot access contents of url ".....". Extension manifest must request permission to access this host.

Sep 29, 2023
Replying to

Hi Sorry to hear that. Would you please check and make sure you gave all requested access to the extension?

I just checked and it worked well Send me an email with all details to be able to find the reason for that issue:

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